How Does Weight Loss Work

How Does Weight Loss Work?


Are you out of shape or unhappy with your body? Do you want to lose weight? Are you running out of strategies for how you are going to lose this weight?

The 2 week program was inspired by three books; Wheat Belly, Grain Brain, and The Ultra Simple Diet. This seemingly magic program helped Dr. Oz's audience lose over 1000 pounds in combined weight, or about 9 pounds per person.

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A few pros of the program are that you do not have to take a bunch of supplements in order for it to work. While on the program, you can eat fruit, vegetables, and a few lean proteins, so you do not have to starve yourself over the two week period. Another good thing about the program is that you only have to put forth a medium effort for it to work. Apart from eliminating sugars, white flour, and certain fats, you do not have to do much to prepare your meals! 

While this program may seem amazing, it has a few major cons. First of all, the amount of weight lost during this two week period will be minimal. Think 5-10 lbs total. For people trying to cut a lot of weight, the program just will not do the trick. Another con is that you are supposed to replace all of the food in your kitchen cupboards before you begin. This process can be very costly, and very inconvenient. 


Again, the amount of weight you lose is not going to be much. And for the price you have to pay to get started some argue that it isn't worth it. However, the idea is for you to change your long term habits to promote long term weight loss, so if you can stick with the system after the two weeks are up, you could see some major weight loss.
In fact, one user of the program stated that the diet "changed her life". The fourteen days of dieting forced her to acquire new eating habits, and now she even has a blog listing recipes that follow the diet! There are plenty of people who have said the diet did not work for them, yet others have had positive things to say about it. In truth, it depends on how well you follow the diet, and if you actually do everything your supposed to.